Seminar of Eurosecurity Bansko

Seminar of Eurosecurity Bansko
18.12.2018 Илия Василев

A bank security seminar was held. Eurosecurity LTD  presented their products:

  • Double Sutter – ATM protection from gas attacks, solid explosives attacks and cash trapping;
  • Outside Cassette Staining Device, offers protection against high performance physical attacks to ATMs.
  • ICSD  (In-CassetteStaining Device) – protects cash inside the ATM against any physical attacks, such as ram raids, break-ins, and attacks using explosives.
  • CC 6000 Box – eliminate pavement risk by CIT with armoured cars for the protection of both valuables and staff during transport.
  • ASE5 – anti-skimming devices for ATM;
  • Anti-Shimmer – anti-shimming device for ATM

The Seminar was held on 25.10.2018 in the town of Bansko.