Burglary protection

Roburs Safe Deposit Lockers type BF4 are tested and certified by SSF, Svenska Stöldskyddsföreningen in accordance with SSF 1048-2 Bankfack-Krav och Provning.



Locker doors in silver anodized aluminium.

Body in grey stove enamel.



The body is a rigid welded unit built of cold rolled steel. The locker doors are made of specially ground aluminium. Each door has a number-plate with the number of the locker. Lock and bolt work are built into the door. Therefore this is even on the inside. Hinges are concealed. The lockers come in vertical columns which are secured to each other in the vault. Bases are recessed and have means for easy adjustment of height for levelling.


Locking systems

These systems vary with regard to the method the bank intends to use for controlling access to the lockers. The systems may be mechanical or electrical and are described in separate leaflets. One thing however, is common. Only the customer with his personal key can operate the lock which withdraws the bolt and gives access to the locker.


Inner containers

Each locker has an inner container.