GlueFusion is a revolutionary method of defacing cash in ATM cassettes. In case of an ATM attack, GlueFusion indissolubly and immediately glues the individual banknotes together.glues the individual banknotes together.

ATMs are attacked almost daily, resulting in massive damage. As time passes by, we see criminals using increasingly heavier tools; forcing banks to implement far-reaching and radical countermeasures. The arms race between banks and criminals using explosive attacks is in full effect. This arms race can only be broken by taking away the potential reward, by irreversibly degrading the cash in case of any attack.

Irreversible cash degradation inside ATM cassettes

Our philosophy is that ATM attacks can only be stopped by taking away the potential reward. This believe led Mactwin to develop GlueFusion. GlueFusion, an ATM cash cassette with a built-in module for degradation by blue, glues all individual banknotes together in the blink of an eye. Irreversible. There’s nothing left but a solid brick of paper. Peeling off a single banknote is not possible. It will immediately tear into small pieces, which alters the physical properties. It will not be accepted by cashiers, nor by automated payment systems. With GlueFusion, a criminal attack is completely futile!

Irreversible Defacement

This philosophy led Mactwin to develop GlueFusion; an ATM cash cassette with a built-in module for degradation by glue. Upon activation, GlueFusion glues all individual banknotes together in the blink of an eye, leaving nothing but a worthless, solid brick of paper. If anyone tries to peel off a single banknote, it will immediately tear into small pieces. The applied glue cannot be dissolved or removed in any other way. Whereas criminals are usually quite successful in finding ways to spend (or launder) ink-smudged banknotes, this will be impossible with glued or torn banknotes. The cash is completely worthless, because nobody will accept a brick of paper or mere shreds as payment. Nor will they fit into automated payment terminals.


GlueFusion always works; against any type of attack and regardless of the magnitude of an explosion. In addition, the unauthorised removal or opening of the cash cassette will also lead to immediate activation, glueing the banknotes together.

What makes GlueFusion unique?

Mactwin has developed GlueFusion in close cooperation with commercial banks, CIT companies, police and the Dutch Central Bank.
The following features make GlueFusion unique and effective:

User friendly and safe

GlueFusion is easily installed in any current ATM and is easy to use. The chance of user error is minimal and false activations are near impossible, regardless whether you are replenishing or swapping cassettes. GlueFusion has been declared safe to use by CIT companies, banking industry HSE managers and independent occupational health and safety agency Arbode Consultancy.

Reimbursement by central bank

Banks and authorised CIT companies can return glued banknotes to the central bank, for reimbursement.

Here yoou can see video: