What is X-GuardM?

X-GuardM is a security system that protects personnel, postal staff and other personnel who transfer or deliver cash and securities to various locations outside the facilities. 

How does X-GuardM work?

X-GuardM safety smoke unit with a high concentration of powder paint, which also generates up to 30 m³ of very dense smoke, can be installed among banknotes, in parcels, bags, wallets and the like. The design itself ensures that the unit is not visible to the naked eye and is virtually impossible to detect without a detailed and time-consuming inspection. Upon assault and theft of money, parcels, bags, wallets, etc., a system triggering a smoke unit that generates up to 30 m³ of colored highly dense smoke is activated at a configurable distance from the attack site. The consequence is colored money, which makes it unusable, and at the same time robbers are stained, which often makes it easier to find the perpetrators. The high concentration of colored dense smoke greatly complicates the escape of the robber, as the robber warns about themselves on the street, and it is also not possible to operate the vehicle, as long as the system is activated in the cab of the vehicle. By using special microparticles with a unique engraved mark, which can be inserted into the paint, it is easy and precisely to determine the place of the robbery at any time upon receipt of such a colored banknote, bag or piece of clothing.


It is intended for anyone involved in the transfer and handling of assets such as:

  • Postal workers;
  • Security officers;
  • Banking officers;
  • Others who deal with the transfer of money;


X-GuardM system consists of a high-frequency receiver of a coded signal with a smoke color unit with built-in microparticles for unique color recognition and transmitter of high-frequency encoded activation and reset signals.

Declaration of conformity