For storage of banknotes, coins and forms during working hours.
The unit is also suitable for storage of coins over night.
The body is a rigid welded unit built of cold rolled steel. Partitions between drawers are welded to the body. A chute for depositing banknotes into the bottom drawer is situated on the top left hand side (right hand on special order). Each security drawer is locked to the body by a locking bolt placed at the rear inner side of the body.
Height Adjustment
The height can be adjust with adjustable feet between 685 and 720 mm.
(If the adjustable feet are removed the height will be 672 mm.)

In the bottom of the drawer unit there are two holes for securing the unit to the floor if required.
Number of drawers:
The top drawer has a tray for rubber stamps, pens, paper clips and similar
The third security drawers are opened by a pincode lock with preset
programmable time delays.

The two upper security drawers are for funds which the cashier needs
to have easily available. Depending on working procedures coins, foreign
currencies and/or forms may also be stored.
The bottom drawer receives and protects banknotes which have been
deposit through the chute.

Pincode lock. The unit is equipped with Robur’s unique pincode lock,
which is integrated into the construction. From the keyboard individual
codes and time delays can easily be programmed for each drawer.
The unit has keylock switch which activates the pincode-lock.

Interior fittings
The top drawer has a stationary tray. The two upper security drawers have two movable dividers each.
Special fittings
Please see overleaf.
Operating voltage
Each unit is connected to the mains 240 A.C. by a transformer.
Operating Voltage 12 A.C. Maximum power use is 1,6A.
A backup battery is available on request.
Silver metallic.