ICSD – In-Cassette Staining Device



Automatic protection

The system automatically arms and disarms through the legitimate opening and closing of the ATM door. No additional keys or codes are required.


Totally autonomous and designed to protect money at the ATM. The sensors located inside the safe are connected to the injection system control board.


The Intelligent Banknote Neutralization System (IBNS) security concept is based on the simple idea of removing the rewards of crime by making the stolen items of no value. Cash should not fall into the hands of criminals, but if it does it should be rendered valueless. The most common way of doing this is to stain the notes with an indelible security ink. To make the banknotes truly valueless, it is essential that the ink dyes the notes to such an extent that the public can easily identify them as stolen. It is also essential that the notes cannot be cleaned and that the ink is truly indelible.


For each offense, the criminals is the amount of the amount that can be stolen. When attacking the ATM, the OCSD staining the banknotes in the cassettes and the money can not be sold. The main goal: “No rewards for the criminals!”

High performance

Extremely rapid and efficient staining. High-security non-toxic ink including an infra-red marker. Multiple sensors (temperature, 3G, acceleration, tilt, etc.).  Halts the distribution of notes after activation.



The system is activated in every case of physical attack, solid explosive attack or ATM gas attack

Testing & Certification

During the development of the ICSD there were conducted extensive testing, both on-site as in ballistic arenas. Naturally, the ISCD is EMC and VdS approved and all components have the CE conformity marking..

No accidental activation

After thorough study of the problems associated with accidental activations of staining systems, engineers from Oberthur Cash Protection developed a Cassette Locker. The device completely eliminates the risk of accidental activation.


This OCP-patented technology, based on a combination of rare-earth elements, offers an unlimited number of codes. These elements are extremely stable over time and do not react to any chemical or mechanical actions. They are detected and authenticated by standard equipment using the working methods already found in police science laboratories.


Available for NCR, Wincor, Diebold, Hitachi, Fujitsu, Hyosung, Glory, GRG, Oki cassettes, etc. Multi-currency compatibility. Simple and reliable operation. Modular design that enables easy extension / integration of cassettes. No irreversible alteration of the cassette. Rapid installation