Prevention of offenses related to ATMs and collection services at source

Cash is very attractive to criminals; it was always and always will be as long as there is cash in circulation. Over the years, we have seen changes in the types of attacks. In many (European) countries, bank robberies appear less frequently because banks have improved their security by maintaining limited cash, and the opening of the vault is only negotiated on a preliminary basis and requires more than one person. In addition, detention of people under threat of weapons is now being punished more severely. ATMs took the role of serving cash and logically turned into a target for criminals. And for some time, explosive gas attacks have become more common and pose a serious threat to public safety. The cascade business is also subject to extremely heavy robberies.

Beat ATM & CIT crime at the source

Cash money is very appealing to criminals; always has been, always will be as long as there is cash money in circulation. Over the years, there have been quite som changes in the types of attack. In many (European) countries, bank robberies occur less and les, because there is hardly any cash on site. The ATM has taken over this role and has subsequently become a target. The CIT business is also a target for extremely violent robberies. To break the arms race between criminals and the cash handling industry, we believe we need to address the problem at the source: remove the reward to remove the crime.

Attacks on collection services

Cash handling involves a number of activities – ATM services, cash transportation, census and sorting at cash centers, etc. Each activity has its own risky moments and ways of acting on the part of criminals. For car crime raids, criminals use increasingly heavy and more dangerous weapons. Automatic firearms and plastic explosives are used to fire or explode armored vehicles. Cashiers are also subject to attack. In the Netherlands, attacks against collection are already extremely rare. The main reason for the decline of this criminal activity is the use of CC600, CC Collect, ATV or Collector Drop from Oberthur Cash Protection

Attacks against ATMs

Explosive attacks on ATMs occur on a daily basis in many countries. Criminals use trucks and excavators to throw the ATM out of the wall and explosive gas (often a mixture of acetylene and oxygen) or solid explosives, such as hand grenades and plastic explosives, to gain access to cash cassettes in the ATM. If necessary, the door to the safe area is hitting a rack attached to the car (Ram Raids). For several years, ATMs have also become targets for criminals. The damage caused by these attacks is enormous. So, more and more banks are interested in solutions such as Double shutters, OCSD, ICSD.


To be the first in the armed struggle between criminals and the banking industry, we believe that we need to tackle the problem at source: eliminating the reward for the purpose of abolishing the crime.

Our Mission: No Reward for Criminals!