Cash in transit




CCL (Cash Carrier Light) boxes





Last innovation of Oberthure Cash Protection  dedicated to the secure cash transportation by ink staining, the CCL (Cash Carrier Light) series completes the proven range of the Cash Carrier. Combining lightness and robustness, CCL range has been developed for markets with a need for an effective and affordable secured Cash in Transit solution. The CCL  offers an exceptional flexibility in managing different applications and processes with remote access capabilities. The CCL has been designed to eliminate pavement risk by CIT (End to End, Cross pavement) for the protection of both valuables and staff during transport.







CC Collect






The CC Collect was designed for multiple collections. The unique deposit system can accept up to 350 banknotes per collection. The container can be configured and customized according to the number of deposits, openings, time intervals, and other settings chosen by the client. The CC Collect is part of a range of CC products including a series of common accessories. The CC Collect’s high level of security is certified by the ANPI.




CC 6000 / CC 12000 boxes

The most modern and technologically advanced Cash-in-Transit container. With its ergonomic and easy-to-use design approved by the Cash-in-Transit industry, this container offers the latest in communications technology and the highest level of cash neutralization.